Contemporary architecture aims to minimise the barrier between the interior and exterior of a building to obtain maximum comfort and space efficiency.  Sliding and folding doors offer the perfect solution to these specific needs. They create large glazed areas and allow more natural light to enter the home, with minimum impact on the usage of space.

Open to all possibilities

Offering a solution for all applications, Reynaers sliding and folding systems offer an extremely wide range of manual and automatic opening options; from mono-rails which can disappear into a wall, to multi-rail solutions creating huge open areas, to folding systems that offer the ultimate solution for bringing the outside in.

In summary, the various options are:

  • A monorail combines a moving part with a fixed glazed element. The glazed element is anchored directly into the outer frame profile, creating a minimalistic look. A monorail sliding element can also disappear into a wall, depending on which system you choose.
  • A duorail integrates 2 glazed opening vents that have an identical look, resulting in an aesthetic sliding door.
  • A 3 and 4 rail option integrates additional rails into the outer frame allowing extra opening vents to be installed. This solution allows a much larger area to be opened up.
  • A slidingfolding door system or bi-fold door creates the ultimate wide open space.  In this system, the glazed elements are folded to the interior or exterior of the building by use of a rail.

A matter of comfort…

Using aluminium for these elements is the obvious choice, because the material complies with the strength and stability required for such large glazed areas.

To ensure that the sliding elements can be opened with ease, Reynaers offers both high quality slide and lift & slide solutions, with stainless steel wheels and rails.  The slide solutions are perfectly durable and ergonomic for standard sliding elements.  To increase the level of ease, we also offer lift & slide solutions, in which the sliding door is raised up before moving across the rails. At the same time, this provides extra sealing and locking options.  For maximum comfort, a completely automated sliding door is also available.

… and design

Our sliding systems are low maintenance and come with varying levels of insulation and safety.

The endless choice of colours and finishes, range from a matt, gloss or metallic finish, wood effect, to a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish. You can choose a different finish for both the inside and the outside of the sliding door, allowing a perfect match to both the interior and the exterior of your house.