Fenster Aluminum Signed a Contract for the Construction of the Element Facade of the SkyOn High-Rise Building.

September 11, 2020

Fenster Alumiinium As signed a contract for the manufacture and installation of the element façade of Maakri 30 Sky On high-rise building. It is a complex and responsible project. Elements of different shapes that are unique in the Estonian high-rise market will be used.

Customer – Long-term cooperation partner of Fenster Aluminum Capital Mill.

The special solutions of the project and the profile used will be completed in cooperation with SCHÜCO

Sky On will be the most modern high-rise building in Estonia with a modern and innovative facade with LED lighting integration.

Why was Fenster Aluminum AS selected as the INSTALLER OF SKYON ELEMENT FACADES?

Fenster Aluminum has long-term experience in installing facades, quality, speed and the ability to make the right and safe solutions.

Fenster has a strong and skilled installation team.

Fenster Aluminum is competitive and flexible.


Element installation begins, 2020a.

The building should be completed in 2021.