Aluminium Windows

Modern aluminium windows

The advantage of aluminium windows is a flat and smooth surface, a clear geometric shape of the products, fire resistance, high sound and heat resistance and a wide range of surface finishes.

Aluminium glazing is conditionally divided into two types – “cold” and “warm”.

Cold aluminium windows are designed for glazing unheated rooms – balconies and loggias, windmills, entrances, verandas, etc. The profile of such windows is hollow, single-chambered, without thermal additives. These windows do not have high energy-saving requirements, so their fittings are lightened, which results in a lower price.

There are many possibilities for using warm aluminium windows – industrial and public buildings, private houses and city apartments. Warm aluminium windows are often used in the restoration of old buildings because aluminium allows them to imitate old-style styles.

The warm profile consists of three parts (two aluminium + a thermal bridge), each of which is manufactured separately and will be joined later. The aluminium profile is extruded using powerful hydraulic presses. The profile for the thermal additive is also extruded. Polyamide (or polypterid) is used in the manufacture to increase the strength of the reinforced glass fibre.

An aluminium window is always a pleasant sight. We have aluminium profiles for every house. From classical and romantic to strict and contemporary. They are available in more than 400 colours for interior and exterior use. When choosing aluminium, you choose a hassle-free quality of life because aluminium is one of the most durable construction materials that requires little care and provides high security!